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Our service – you can try your new teeth for free!

You can try your new teeth made of special plastic in desired shape and color.

Material is suitable for using your new teeth up to two weeks, also suitable for renovations.


  • The dentist makes two bite impressions
  • Model analysis, wax-up and silicone prefix are produced in the laboratory.
  • We will make your new teeth from special material by dentist in dental clinic.
  • After you tried your new teeth, the crowns from special material will be painless removed by a dentist.


  • The patient can try for free absolutely painless the new perfect teeth without any harm to his own teeth and without any grinding of his own teeth. Before preparation: bite elevation, function and form will be matched.
  • No expenses for temporary teeth and corrections.
  • The patient can judge regarding shape and color of new teeth and to discuss it with his family and his friends.
  • The dentist can prepare very quickly, he recognizes exactly where space is required. New teeth fit immediately.

• If patient at the end does not want new teeth, he must not pay any bill.