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We want to stop dental tourism!

The company Algess Group AG was founded in 2007 in Switzerland and has own master laboratory in Lucerne. The aim is to make a medical quality dental care affordable for every patient. We provide a high quality dental care for our patients and work together with dental practices from all over Switzerland. Through increased efficiency and cost reduction, we provide price benefits for both dentists and their patients. In this way we ensure the optimal price-performance ratio, so that patient should not refuse the dental treatment in the reason of high costs or should not search for a treatment abroad. We offer you the possibility absolutely for free to establish contacts with new dentists who are cheaper.
Our advice to all patients who wants to have an implant treatment abroad: Think carefully whom you can trust, after all, it is about your health and your well-being. You have to understand all the risks and be aware of all information you received and only then to decide would not you prefer to enjoy a first-class and safe implant and oral surgery treatment in Germany but with a little bit more expenses.
The CMD is one with its many symptoms of the most common diseases.

Symptoms of CMD:Zahntourismus stoppen

  • Headache
  • neck Pain
  • backache
  • TMJ syndrome (TMJ cracking)
  • facial pain
  • Irritable bowel syndrome (poor or partial digestion)
  • tinnitus
  • sleep disorders

Because the CMD may have multifactorial causes, the cause of research is one of the most important prerequisite for a successful treatment.