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With the revolutionary Freecorder®BlueFox

The Cranio medicine looks for the cause of the diseases in the head, neck, neck and back. Here, the whole man is seen as a dynamic system.

Through the close cooperation of all specialist groups involved not only duplicate examinations can be avoided, but also launched a cause-related therapy.

The Cranio-mandibular-disfunction (CMD) can come with a lot of symptoms.

Symptoms of CMD:2Admin


neck Pain


TMJ syndrome (TMJ cracking)

facial pain

Irritable bowel syndrome (poor or partial digestion)


sleep disorders

The CMD may have multifactorial causes, the research of the main cause is one of the most important prerequisite for a successful treatment.

For the first time with a device

Contactless digital recording of the TMJ movements is possible.

The Freecorder®BlueFox provides not only new solutions for dentists and laboratories, but also allows for the first time by general practitioners TMJ discomfort caused symptoms reliably diagnose.

Advantages of Freecorder®BlueFox:

  • CMD diagnostics
  • ideal for splint therapy
  • perfect design of the occlusion
  • fast and accurate measurement results

Dental practice Algess deals with this issue and may soon diagnose our patients in Lucerne.