Welcome to dental clinic and dental laboratory in Lucerne!

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    Algess-Simple Swiss

    Quality without compromise
    The modern concept of treatment

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Master Laboratory Our - aim is the best results

Your individual prosthesis will be manufactured in our master laboratory in Lucerne.


Save costs by dentist!

A comparison is always worthwhile! On the web platform www.algess-medical.ch, you can compare offers for your dental treatment

Algess - Simple Swiss idee zu ihrem wohl !

Zahnmedizin hat in den letzten Jahren Fortschritte erlebt und wir helfen Ihnen davon zu profitieren.

Symptoms of CMD:

Headaches, neck pain, back pain, temporomandibular joint syndrome (TMJ cracking), facial pain

Our fixed prices

Free medical examination to 30 minutes. Prophylaxis for 20 min. 69.- CHF ceramic crown VMK 1200.- CHF denture repairs from CHF 59.- telescopic crown 1800.-CHF Inlay Ceramic / Gold from 550.-CHF

Our Team


Zahntechnikermeister, Geschäftsführer, Inhaber

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Dr.Walid Ismailov

Eidgenössische Zahnarzt. Univ.Basel

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Dr. stom. (ROM) Andre Moldovan

Ästhetische Restaurationen Implantologie

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Our service

Aesthetic dentistry
Implants and surgery
Aesthetic dentistry

Personal attention and anterior design is our strength. Color rules, aesthetic fittings and technical advice are essential for us in order to guarantee the highest quality. For best results, we are happy to agree your schedule from…

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Implants and surgery

The Algess AG in Lucerne offers a full range of surgical services:l tooth removal, tartar removal, preparation for prosthetics and dental implants. The new technology in the field of prosthetics is developing very rapidly, so …

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The dental practice Algess-Dental offers a full range of prosthetic services, such as a variety of styles and types of the restoration of a tooth and the whole dentition…..

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We are the ideal partner for service and quality at an excellent price-performance ratio

All the latest news on the subject of dentistry as well as pictures, videos and information

Zahnarztpraxis Algess
Dental practice Algess

Performance and service availability is our top Premisse. Algess has a dynamaisches, highly motivated team. Always willing to exceptional…

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Meisterlabor Algess
Master Lab Algess

Dental laboratory in Lucerne We are the ideal partner for service and quality with excellent costs and high quality. Algess…

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Reviews from our patients

We provide to the patients quality of life and a better appearance.

  • Really great place! I wanted to go to Hungary for a big dental treatment. I saw the Algess Dental and Mr. Boiko advertisement. The price was very attractive for a new restoration. It was unprofitable for me to go to Budapest. I could save more than thousands of CHF and he found a perfect dentist for me.

  • My treatment plan was specially made for me, everything was straightforward and proceeded as planned, and the final bill was even less than the offer, that's never happened to me before!

  • Fast, cheap, and very knowledgeable, everything tip-top. Definitely recommendable.