Welcome to dental clinic and dental laboratory in Lucerne!

Opening Hours : Öffnungszeiten : Labor -Mo.-Sa. 8:30-21:00 Uhr.
  Contact : 0417815790

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Jana from Luzern, 09.29.2015
Fast, cheap, and very knowledgeable, everything tip-top. Definitely recommendable.

LiliaLilia from Luzern, 20.09.2015
My treatment plan was specially made for me, everything was straightforward and proceeded as planned, and the final bill was even less than the offer, that’s never happened to me before!

HansHans from Zurich, 15.09.2015
Really great place! I wanted to go to Hungary for a big dental treatment. I saw the Algess Dental and Mr. Boiko advertisement. The price was very attractive for a new restoration. It was unprofitable for me to go to Budapest. I could save more than thousands of CHF and he found a perfect dentist for me.

English Teacher 18.05.2016           
The quality of a leader is reflected in the standards they set for themselves.

Consulenza immagine (www.elisanegro.com) 16.08.2016
Outstanding place and very professional services. Reccomanded

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